Ensembles ally to remember WWI through music: OC Register Article

January 15, 2016 – A new article from the OC Register about OCYSO & YMF’s acclaimed World War I concert at Disney Hall on January 11. This one is not a review of the concert, but rather a look at the choices of music and how they encouraged reflection on the war. The author, Kaitlin Wright, explores Maestro Wachs’ thoughts about the music and how it relates to the young musicians, and she looks at how the combined orchestras prepared for the concert. She also spotlights two young OCYSO musicians’ feelings about the music and about playing with the older musicians from YMF.

RegisterA few quotes from the article:

From Daniel Alfred Wachs:

“World War I is already a footnote in their history books, so this ends up being an educational opportunity for these musicians. This may have brought at least an awareness and an opportunity to think about what is happening in the world today as a result of this war.”

“If you stretch kids’ imagination and knowledge, you will be immensely rewarded and surprised. In seven years as director, I know just how far to push them. I warned them it might sound like Danish to them at first … but we don’t underestimate kids at OCYSO.”

“This connects history to their world today because some of what’s happening now is a result of (World War I). This is not easy material. It’s always a risk, always a gamble, but boy, did it pay off this time.”

OCYSO musician Shelby Ogasawara:

“We’re playing with a full orchestra, which creates this huge sound that you can wrap yourself in. It’s all that more important because, for instance, the person sitting next to me is from the Colburn School, and I’m trying to write down all his advice.” About the music: “…it becomes more than just a piece. It becomes a story about the human spirit.”

OCYSO musician Yousef El-Magharbel:

“It’s always fun to play under someone who is better than you. You get to see how other people interpret the music, and it can give you more ideas about your own playing… I feel like music, with all the emotion it brings, really represents all the sorrows that happened, and that really brings out feelings for people.”

Read the full text of the article at: Ensembles ally to remember World War I through music, OC Register


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